It has almost become a cliché to complain about department stores putting up their Halloween, Christmas, and Valentine’s Day decorations early. Almost everyone at some point has asked “is it really necessary to start putting Santa signs up on Nov. 15th?”

Well, no, it’s not necessary. But it is profitable.

Holiday signage is based on a hundred years of top-notch market research. Custom holiday-specific signs do increase profits. Here’s why.

People like consuming things on holidays

This isn’t a “holidays are over-commercialized” morality tale, it’s a basic fact of human existence. Long before there was marketing or printed signs, people still like to eat, drink, and consume more on holidays. The point of holidays from the Middle Ages to now was for people to take a day off and spend it with their loved ones. Time off means more time to consume, and time with loved ones means more time to treat your loved ones.

However, people feel guilty about treating themselves and loved ones. People choose traditional consumption patterns, i.e. turkey, chocolates, and flowers, partly because they feel that tradition validates their decision to treat themselves. However, people also get bored with traditional things easily. That’s where holiday marketing comes in.

The point of holiday marketing is to present a new product as traditional. This gives people the novelty of a new product and the vindication of tradition. Ideally, you want customers to feel that a product is both a totally new and original way to celebrate a holiday, but also a completely normal and acceptable thing to consume for the holiday. You do this with aggressive custom signage. Your signs should indicate exactly how your products will help celebrate the spirit of traditional holidays.

People notice new things

Most people will see basically the same environments every day. From home to work to office, even the advertisements they see only change every couple of weeks. As a result, when something does change, they notice. Rotating your signage for each holiday makes sure that your business stands out.

Even better is using new holiday signs each year, if you can afford it. Your passers-by might get used to the same decorations and signs coming out every Christmas, but they will notice it if you keep changing your signage up.

It’s fun

Holidays are fun! Custom signs show that your business is getting into the spirit of the season. The more personal and specific the sign, the more you show your particular love of a holiday. This helps your business look fun, down to earth, and relatable. This will help convince potential customers that shopping with you will be a positive experience.

This article might seem a bit cynical, but it’s not. It’s good that people like having fun and getting into the holiday spirit. It’s good that people like new things! It really is good that people like treating themselves on holidays. Finally, it really is good that customers reward fun, holiday-loving businesses!

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