Vinyl BannersVinyl banners are a great way for businesses to promote their brands and services. They are a cost-effective form of advertising and are very versatile, which is one reason they are such a popular product. We make and sell a variety of types of vinyl, as the materials used in them have different effects and can be made to withstand a range of environmental conditions. One of the questions many business owners ask when deciding whether to choose vinyl banners is how long they last. Knowing what to expect in terms of banner life expectancy is obviously important for investment purposes. After all, you don’t want to spend a lot of money on a product that will fade and deteriorate within a year, although some banners that are equipped with bright colours and graphics are known to not last as long.

Ultimately, being aware of the available options and your needs is very important, which is why you should take the time to speak with a consultant before placing an order. In general, you can expect most vinyl banners to last anywhere between 2-12 years. Bear in mind that while this time range may seem extensive, it is reflective of the types of vinyl that customers can choose from. Here is a list of the most common materials we use when making vinyl banners, as well as the respective life expectancies of each. Remember that banners installed at higher angles (over 45 degrees) will typically last much longer than those that are less, as the UV rays from the sun are the main cause of fading and deterioration.

Vinyl Banner Materials and Their Life Expectancies

  • Calendared PVC; this material is quite common and is recommended for businesses that don’t have extensive banner needs. The typical life span is about 3-6 years, which will vary depending on the type of colour being used and whether or not a metallic option is included. In addition, the environment will have a major impact as well, especially if direct sunlight exposure is common, not to mention if there are large-scale commercial pollutants such as smog in the vicinity.
  • Cast PVC; this material is basically a much higher quality of the Calendared types. These often have the longest life spans of all vinyl banners, with the range being anywhere from 5-12 years. Like Calendared PVC models, Cast PVC that is equipped with metallic qualities will not last nearly as long as one that is not. The thing to keep in mind when ordering this material is the number of artificial UV inhibitors that are installed into the vinyl during the manufacturing process. Ones with higher counts will last longer, as they are better suited to handle sunlight exposure.
  • Metalized Polyester and Fluorescent; these types of vinyl are designed to be flashy and decorative. As such, their life expectancies are not that long. Although advancements have been made with respect to metalized polyester in terms of its durability, fluorescent vinyl will generally lose its function after two years.

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