Marketing your business can be one of the toughest aspects to running a company; especially when you are in a saturated marketplace. This becomes even more pronounced when competitors are just as determined to get their name out there through signage.

Portable signs have significantly improved businesses by giving companies the freedom to move their advertising to the location where their campaign will be most effective. There are three scenarios in which portable signs are highly effective for improving businesses:

  1. An out of the way location

Not every business has the luxury of having a ground-level shop front at the corner of a busy intersection. In fact, most businesses have said that once prospective customers know they exist, they have no trouble making sales. It’s gaining the visibility and brand awareness that is the obstacle. Businesses that are located on second floors, quiet streets or who are overlooked in favor of other companies with a higher advertising budget can use portable signs to tell their customers where they can be found.

A portable sign can be placed outside of the business’s location, at ground level, or at the side of the road in a high-traffic area. This is almost like having a more visible location, without actually having to make the move!

  2. Not knowing the best placement location

Even with a great sign, some business owners do not have the time, or the inclination to strategically place their signs in high-traffic pedestrian zones. At HTT Signs, we have a convenient service that we offer to businesses, which assists with their current marketing campaign. We will design an a-frame sandwich board sign and place it in key, high-traffic locations in southern and central Ontario every month.

Not only does this take care of gaining visibility through a sign but the sign will be seen by more prospective clients than ever before and best of all, the business owner does not have to distract his or her attention away from running the business!

  3. Depending on Local Customers

There are many types of businesses that truly rely on their locals to make their products and services sell. A couple examples are independent coffee shops and grocery stores. It’s tough to compete with the chains, and not many people are willing to travel far, regardless of how renowned your products are. In this scenario a portable sign is the best way to attract neighbors and to create a warm and inviting message that encourages the community to give your store a try. It won’t take long for customers to become loyal, and for them to refer their friends and family.

Portable signs can be completely customized and are scalable to most budgets.  Portable signs help businesses to overcome obstacles that are preventing them from being noticed and attracting the customers that may be looking for their services but don’t know where to find them.  Contact us today to improve your business through our portable sign service.

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