At HTT, we pride ourselves in printing and installing some of the greatest signs around for our customers. We like to think of the work we do as an art form; we make it our goal to produce advertising masterpieces for every one of our clients. Although we are widely recognized, we do appreciate the work done by other well-established veterans in the industry, in particular those from days of old. Vintage signs are becoming very popular among businesses and home owners alike. The appeal of the retro looks is modern yet stylish, and tends to bring the perfect amount of creativity to any space. Here are some of our favourite vintage signs!

A collection of our favourites

  • Vintage Tin 7UP Sign
  • Mel’s Drive in Sign in Hollywood
  • Chevrolet Bel Air Dealer Poster

Vintage Tin 7UP SignA hallmark of the signage advertising in the beverage industry is this Vintage Tin 7UP Sign. No one knows exactly where it was manufactured, but experts believe it was made by the Indiana Wire and Specialty Company between the 1950s and 1960s. Retro and catchy, this is what brought business in back in the day! (Smashing Magazine).

Mel’s Drive in Sign in HollywoodHollywood is known for its bright lights and neon colours, and this is exactly what the sign at Mel’s Diner. It is signs like these that instill a sense of nostalgic longing, of a desire to return to days gone by. Colourful and attractive, the combination of brilliant red and blue lights (in addition to the decorative artwork) is why this sign is at the top of our list (Smashing Magazine).

One niche that took sign advertising by storm in the early days was the automobile industry. This vintage sign depicting an antique Chevy Bel Air is exactly what manufacturers put on display to buyers. The graphics are colourful and the headlines were meant to be enticing. If only we bought cars like we used to! (Smashing Magazine).

Chevrolet Bel Air Dealer Poster

These are our top favorites, and you may be wondering why. There are certainly many more attractive pieces of signage that we would love to include, but we feel these capture the essence of the field perfectly. More specifically, they are perfect examples of how sign advertising work best in their particular industries. Above all else, the most important thing to keep in mind is the message you are sending to your customers.

At the time these “now” vintage signs were created, this is what people wanted to see, and it was what sold them. The times do change, but that does not mean sign advertising has been lost. With the development of new signage, we can now incorporate many ways to promote our clients’ services. At HTT, we respect the past and have learned from the best.

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