If you are going to spend money on a sign for advertising purposes, you will want to do it the right way. There is no point in making a large purchase if your return on investment is lacking. Fortunately, there a couple tricks to make outdoor signs stand out. It doesn’t take much, but it will definitely pay off. It is important to remember, however, that not all methods will work for every business. Staying professional is also critical; for instance, flashy colours or graphics may not be the best option for particular industries. That being said, there are still ways to produce a catchy image that delivers results. Here are some tips to keep in mind; remember to place emphasis on all of them.

Ways to Make Your Sign Stand Out

  • The right font is key
  • Graphics matter too, but don’t over use them
  • Viewing distance and time; two crucial factors to be aware of
  • Keep things simple; short and sweet is the way to go
  • Make colours bright and highlight the logo

Eye-Catching Sign TipsOutdoors advertising is all about visuals. The key to outdoor sign success lies in capturing the attention of many people with a single image; whether you like it or not, this means choosing an appealing font. In addition, you do not want to merge too many fonts into the advertisement, as this can make the message difficult to read, especially from a distance. If the sign is going to primarily viewed from a distance, Sans serif fonts are recommended. Likewise, if the sign is going be seen from a more stationary position, decorative fonts can be applied. Ultimately, the right font will depend on the type of business you run and the physical place of the advertisement.

Images are obviously very important, but excess use can cause a negative effect. People do not like to be overwhelmed with information (even if it is all visual), so keep this in mind when crafting your ad. This is particularly true if you are going to be using text as well; too many graphics will work to pull viewers away from the primary message. A helpful tip in this respect is to focus on one or the other.

While an image may be outstanding in the drawing room, it may not be in a real-world scenario. Being aware of the distance your customers will view the ad, as well as the length of time they will be doing so is critical. For example, billboards are not meant to be stared at for long periods of time. They get a few seconds (at most) of attention by drivers, unless they are positioned in a stop and go traffic zone.

Designing a powerful message does not have to be complicated. Stick to the basics and keep your sign to the point. Chances are your customers will appreciate an “easy on the eyes” ad vs. one that is full of material. Remember to choose bright colours and highlight the logo in bold font.

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