Every business owner should invest in magnetic signage for vehicles. Here are some reasons why.

1.Vehicle signage saves you money.
If you’re not able to write off your car expenses as a business expense, vehicle signage will make it happen. This could potentially save you thousands of dollars in taxes per year.

2.Vehicle signage is cheaper than most forms of advertising.
You’re driving to and from work anyways. Why not make your vehicle into a moving billboard? Think about how much a billboard on a major arterial road would cost. Now think about how much signage on your vehicle would cost.

3.Vehicle signage makes your business look more professional.
If you have a business where customers will regularly view your vehicle, particularly if you drive to people’s homes, then the very presence of vehicle signage will improve your business. Vehicle signage indicates to customers that you are professional, full-time, dedicated, profitable, and proud of the business you have built.

4.Magnetic vehicle signage is cheaper than ordinary vehicle signage.
Magnetic signage looks almost as good as a vehicle wrap, and costs a fraction of the price. Large vehicle magnets cost $50-$100. Vehicle wraps on the other hand, can cost anywhere from $1000-$3000 depending on your car’s size and geometry.

5.Magnetic vehicle signage is easy to remove.
Removing a vehicle wrap without damaging a car’s paint job is a job for experts. Additionally, once a vehicle wrap is off, it’s off. If you ever decide to put it back on again, it will cost you another couple of grand. By contrast, magnetic vehicle signage is extremely easy to remove and put back on again. This means that you can take the graphics off your car for a classy night out, and put them back on in the morning. It also means that you do not have to commit to one graphic set for several years.

6.Magnetic vehicle signage is transferable.
Not sure if your vehicle will last for another two or three years? Then magnetic vehicle signage is where it’s at. Your magnets can easily be transferred to new vehicles as you acquire them. It is also easy to mix and match your existing vehicle magnets to create fresh new looks for your vehicles.

7.Magnetic vehicle signage is more economical in bulk.
It is a rare sign manufacturer that will offer you bulk rates on vehicle wraps. It is an exceptionally rare one that will offer bulk rates on vehicle wrap orders that include several different makes and models of vehicle. Magnetic signage, on the other hand, is almost always available at bulk rates, and can be applied to any vehicle.

8.Magnetic signage looks as practical as it is.
Car wraps are expensive. They are great for projecting an image of wealth and success. Magnetic signage is different. It projects an image of frugality and efficiency. For many customers, practical magnetic signage can be a better selling point than expensive car wraps.

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