Cloth Printing

Cloth is a lightweight and attractive material for signage and banners. We can produce banners and flags to suit any needs. In addition, our bulk discounts and advanced cloth printing machinery allows us to offer printed clothing, tablecloths, curtains, and flags at well below market rates.

  • Cloth Banners. Cloth banners offer many advantages over vinyl. Cloth is lighter, is easier to frame and mount, is more durable, and has longer-lasting color brightness. Compared to vinyl, cloth is more appropriate for banners in windy areas. Additionally, the cloth we use for banners is much more flame-resistant than vinyl.Cloth brings a certain amount of class and elegance to any event, and is perfect for museums, exhibitions, and outdoor restaurant patios. Cloth banners can be produced with the traditional metal eyelets to be mounted on rails or cross-pieces, or can be produced without eyelets and mounted on banner tracks. Whether you choose the traditional mount or the rail mount, or team can provide start-to-finish installation services.
  • Cloth Flags. Flags are an original way to convey your message. They can be used for businesses, sports clubs, colleges, or anything else you would like to promote. See our Flags section for more details.
  • Cloth Products. We produce pressed clothing and printed cloth at a very low cost. We are able to do this for three reasons. First, we already own extremely advanced cloth printing equipment for cloth banner production, and can use that equipment for general cloth printing. As a result, the cost of advanced printers is not built into our pricing, like it is with other print shops. The second reason is that we are constantly innovating new technologies. By constantly investing in new methods of efficiency, we are always able to offer a higher quality product for less. The third reason is that, as a large signage business, we plan ahead and buy all materials in bulk. This allows us to offer the cloth itself to you at its wholesale price and just charge for the printing services themselves across Toronto and Mississauga areas.

What we include

  • Free, no-obligation competitive quotes
  • One year warrantee
  • Digital photos of finished work
  • Professional installation and removal



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