Indoor Signs

At HTT, we know that indoor signage can often be just as critical as outdoor. A small indoor sign in a high-traffic area like a mall or subway can have as much exposure as a large outdoor billboard. Indoor signs often also require more customization than outdoor signs. There are a great variety of sizes, shapes and materials. Our team located in Toronto and Mississauga will work with you to explore these options and create the perfect signage for your indoor environment.

What we offer in Indoor designs

  • Banners and Posters. We produce high-quality large format digital prints, on paper or vinyl. These signs can be made to any size and specification, from small shopfront posters to billboard-style wall coverings.
  • Substrate Mounting. For more durable prints, we offer professional mounting on a variety of substrates, including foamboard, Sintra, masonite, metal, plywood, Crezon, and Coroplast. All substrates are cut to specifications and finished to prevent splinters and sharp corners.
  • Display Systems. Our display system options are designed to be as interesting and unique as possible. Our systems are often the difference between a sign that blends into its surroundings and one the pops out and grabs customers. We offer a staggering variety and can accommodate most client requests. Examples of our more popular display systems include different styles of indoor flagpoles and flag holders, tables, roll-ups, and tripods.
  • Wall and Surface Mounting. Our unique banner framing system allows for tight, attractive, low-cost banners. We can place a frame on any wall and mount a banner on any surface.
  • Window Graphics and Lettering. HTT Signs is a one stop shop for every aspect of installing new window graphics. We supply glass, produce vinyl graphics and lettering, and manufacture and install film frosting. We offer both static and removable adhesive vinyl. Our professional installers can handle any style of window graphics, including interior surface, exterior surface, and overlays.

What we include

  • Free, no-obligation competitive quotes
  • Full removal and recycling of all advertising materials if and when you need them removed
  • 1 year warrantee on all work
  • Photographs of completed work and proofs of art upon request



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