Outdoor Signs

On-budget, on-schedule, on-warranty exposure. For every outdoor visual communications need.

What we offer in Outdoor signs

  • Banners. HTT specializes in a unique framing system. Our mounted banners hold their shape and color longer than our competitors’. As an extra bonus, they also cost less than our competitors’! We offer two different framing options. We can mount your banner on a track and stretched along the track, or stretched taught and mounted against a surface. With both options, we offer versatility. We can mount on any wall or billboard-style surface, allowing clients to advertise in unique and eye-catching ways. We can also provide and install flagpoles, tripods, and pop-ups, and other effective banner display systems.
  • Billboards. HTT offers the complete package for billboards. For the planning stage we provide structural drawings for permit applications and location surveys on request. For the implementation stage, we provide professional billboard construction and arrange all necessary safety inspections.
  • Pylon signs. We manufacture and install large pylon signs to direct potential customers to your business. Our signs are eye-catching and durable, so that you get the maximum possible value for your dollar. We can install a new sign on to an existing pylon or design and implement a new pylon.
  • Hoarding and Fence Signage. Whether you need a simple overlay or the installation of completely new posts and fencing, HTT Signs’ team of experts will see it done.
  • Box signs. We can mount vinyl signage in Plexiglas-aluminum box casing for storefronts. These boxes can be backlit for extra impact. We use high-quality vinyl to prevent discoloration and high-quality Plexiglas to prevent damage to signage, so that your signage can keep that “brand new” quality well into the future.
  • Sandwich Board A-Frame Signs. We offer sandwich board signage that can be placed on strategic corners during weekends or festivals to direct customers to your business. We can handle production and/or placement and pickup of signage.
  • Solar Powered Signs. HTT is committed to bringing the most convenient, cost-saving technology to our clients. To that end, we offer sign light fixtures on solar power. With solar power, you can have signs that light up and night without paying for a pricey electrical connection. And it’s good for the Earth, too.

What we include

What a lot of other sign companies call “extras” are actually necessities. We understand that you need guaranteed high-quality signage materials, installation, and removal. In every project, we include:

  • Free, no-obligation competitive quotes.
  • Consultation with our Sign Management Program, which will coordinate with your business to manage and plan strategic sign placement
  • Glossy anti-ultraviolet, anti-graffiti laminate on all prints to ensure lasting and attractive signage
  • Different substrate options, including metal and Crezon
  • Full removal and recycling of all advertising materials if and when you need them removed
  • 1 year warrantee on all work
  • Photographs of completed work and proofs of art upon request



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