Paper Printed Products

For temporary or indoor signage, paper signage offers a low-cost and high-quality alternative to vinyl. Our paper printers are state-of-the-art, allowing us to quickly and cheaply produce gorgeous 2400 x 2400 DPI paper prints, in full color, grayscale, or black and white. These extremely high resolution graphics are perfect for adding a professional, corporate look to your signage.

Our paper printing service in Toronto and Mississauga can handle more than just signs. We can prepare images or artwork for reports, presentations, or meetings. We can print and custom cut brochures, pamphlets, hand-outs, business cards, maps, and floor plans. We can also make prints of your own or classic artworks, copyright law permitting.

What we offer in Paper Printed Products

  • Small Batch Pricing. Unlike our competitors, who often charge high premiums for small print runs, we welcome small jobs. For print runs of as few as 10 copies or more, we offer rates similar to those for large print runs.
  • Your Choice of Paper. Whether gloss, bond, cotton, linen, or cardstock, we’ve got it.

What we include

  • Free, no obligation competitive quotes
  • Professional finishing, including cutting, folding, stapling, and organizing
  • Free delivery
  • Hard copies of proofs upon request



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