Portable Signs

Marketing can sometimes seem like an arms race. Sometimes it seems that as soon as a business has put up new signs, the business beside them has newer or bigger signs. Increasingly, businesses are pushing out from their storefronts, using portable signs at key locations to draw in customers. We at HTT Signs are here to keep you updated with the most modern, eye-catching portable signs possible in Toronto and Mississauga areas.

What we offer in Portable Designs

  • Portable Banner Mounting Systems. From tripods and pop-ups to portable flagpoles, HTT Signs has all the bases covered. These mounting systems can be used for our high-quality vinyl and cloth printed banners.
  • Bag Signs and Step Stake Signs. These signs can be staked into any soft ground. Bag signs are plastic bags wrapped around a stake, viewable from any angle, and step stake signs are sturdy, Coroplast, highly visible flat signs.
  • A-Frame Sandwich Board Production and Placement. We can print your artwork on a variety of A-frame sandwich board freestanding signs. Once we’ve made your signs, we can also do your marketing for you by placing the signs at key pedestrian locations anywhere in southern or central Ontario. Every weekend that your sign campaign is running, our Placement Service will place your signs strategically, check up on them, and remove them. This is dynamic, effective, on-the-ground marketing that does not require your personal time or energy.

What we include

  • Free, no-obligation competitive quotes
  • One year warrantee
  • Consultation with our Sign Management Program, which will coordinate with your business to manage and plan strategic sign placement
  • Digital photos of finished work
  • Balloons attached to the sign for opening day
  • Recycling of A-frames when no longer required



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