Vehicle Signs

Vehicle signs are one of the best investments a business can make. For large businesses, a fleet of vehicles with signage can provide much more exposure than billboards, in many more locations and potential markets. For small businesses, they are an easy way to turn the company car or van into a free, mobile, visual communication platform. They can even turn your personal vehicle into a money-making opportunity. Vehicle signs allow you to acquire new customers on your drive to work, or add exposure and professionalism to your company vehicle. We offer several types of vehicle signage:

  • Vehicle Wraps. We can produce and apply vinyl wraps to any size or shape of vehicle. Our wraps are durable to the extreme. They will maintain their color for years, even if constantly exposed to adverse environmental conditions like extreme heat or cold. Our custom cuts make sure that each wrap fits its intended vehicle like a glove. Our professional application team makes sure that it is applied to your vehicle with absolutely no distortion or creasing. Wraps can be produced for either an entire vehicle or part of one. We support our clients’ creativity and work to make vehicle wraps that express their brand or business in new and stunning ways.
  • Cut Vinyl Graphics. Our team custom prints vinyl graphics, ensuring absolute consistency between the graphic design and the finished product. These graphics are then cut out with precision machine cutters, so that each graphic is perfectly shaped according to the design. Finally, our application team applies the graphics with pinpoint precision. Not only will the cut graphics be colored, cut, and placed to your exact specifications, they will also be perfectly identical on each vehicle in your fleet.
  • Vinyl Lettering. As with our cut vinyl graphics, we take absolute care when printing, cutting, and applying our vinyl lettering. We can apply lettering to any surface. We can letter names on windows and internet addresses on bumpers. We can also do any other creative lettering you may want on your vehicles.
  • Metal signage detail. We can provide laminated signage for pickup trucks and utility vehicles. These signs are durable and color-fast. They can be installed on the back or side of any truck bed.
  • One Way Vision. One Way Vision products can be adhered to back or side windows, allowing you to see out but not allowing others to see in. Instead, they’ll see your sign!
  • Magnetic Signs. We provide easily removable custom magnetic signs in various sizes. The signs can adhere to any metal surface on a vehicle. They are an easy and cheap way to get your messaging onto your vehicles.

What we include

  • Free, no-obligation competitive quotes
  • One year warrantee
  • Digital photos of finished work
  • Professional installation
  • Professional removal upon request



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"I just wanted to express gratitude for the great job that your company did on our trucks. The wraps are great. The graphics look crisp and are...
Sean. Mississauga, ON